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Online Preschool

Our Online Preschool brings the best of our bilingual programme for 3 to 5 year olds delivered to your home. Flexible, structured learning to develop your child’s academic skills in English & Mandarin. All at a fraction of our regular preschool fees.

Boost your child’s academic skills wherever you are or be part of our Live Learning!

How does it work?

Our Online Preschool will offer your child engaging sessions that develop important life skills while immersing them in two languages that will benefit their cognitive development.

What our children learn 


Using actions to help with memory and imagination, and phonic challenges, your child will learn how to read. 

Story Time

Each story is picked to help your child develop their understanding of the world and their own development.


Children learn mathematical concepts through number challenges, positional language and shapes.

Amazing short courses and subscriptions for your little one!