Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Why Online Preschool 为什么有线上学前班?

We decided to launch our preschool activities online during the first lockdown in London. Our nursery children were missing our lessons very much, so we decided to create an online option for them, which then became available to everyone!

Hatching Dragons 的线上学前班是在伦敦首次因为疫情封锁期间创建的一个项目。我们的幼儿园小朋友们和家长非常希望可以在家继续学习我们的课程,因此我们就为他们创造了这个在线学习的机会,之后也吸引了很多园外的小朋友一起参加!

Which sessions do you offer 提供哪些课?

At the moment, we are only offering Phonics, Story & Maths on our platform. We hope to expand soon to continue with Circle Time and Physical Time Development!

目前,我们在平台上提供Phonics自然拼音,Story故事和Maths 数学。我们希望尽快扩展继续进行我们的Circle Time 圆圈时间和Physical Time 体育时间课程!

Is this a language learning course 是语言教学课程吗?

Not really. Our preschool activities online are designed following the EYFS (UK Early Years Foundation stage), and their main purpose is the development of the 7 areas of learning for children aged 3-5.

We will mainly use English to deliver the lesson, but we also include Chinese to support their learning, so children will learn (or improve) some of these languages while fostering their academic skills. Please watch our previous sessions to experience how we interact with children.

不完全是。我们是坐落于伦敦的双语幼儿园, 我们的线上课程是基于EYFS英国早幼教系统进行设计的,所以更大的意义不只在于英文或者中文的学习,而是对3-5岁儿童的七个领域发展支持,比如我们的故事时间,选择的故事以培养儿童的个人,社会和情感发展为主。当然,我们整个30分钟的内容会更多地使用英语,而普通话只是辅助学习。请登记观看一下我们之前的录播视频感受一下我们是如何和小朋友互动并且小朋友是如何从中学习的。

Learning Approach

Who delivers the sessions & how 谁和如何进行授课?

We have an English speaking teacher and a Mandarin-speaking teacher with your child for every session. That way your child hears the language spoken by a native speaker. Both are qualified teachers gaining their PGCEs from the prestigious Institute of Education with over 10 years of experience teaching!

We run daily sessions that last for around 30 minutes and we interact with the children and engage them in learning through play. After each session, we send some activity ideas and materials to do at home that will tie in with the session.



What's the minimum age to join 最低年龄是多少?

We built our Online Preschool thinking of children from 3 to 5 years old.


My child is not 3 years old yet. Will it be inappropriate 还不到三岁的小朋友适合吗?

Although our suggested age is 3-5, we understand that parents’ can have a better understanding of their children and individual’s development needs.

If the child is interested, does the age matter much? In addition, our design of the programme is based on the interaction between children, teachers and parents, including a lot of music, games, pictures, actions, etc., which allow children to easily learn from playing.



My child kept running around during the session. Is online learning an option for us 孩子在上课期间不停地跑来跑去, 怎么办?

Remember your child may find the first session strange and may seem distracted. In our demo, you can see how engaged children are after a few sessions.

We find that often it takes a week for the child to get used to this new format. In addition, we ask them to go find things or to move with us and act things out. Children like to use big movements and that may look like distractions from the outside, but actually they are taking part in their own way.

You can read more about the importance of learning through play in our blog.




My child doesn't speak English or Mandarin at home. Can they still join 孩子在家不说英语或普通话, 能参加吗?

Of course! Our lessons are image-based, so anyone is able to understand them. You might notice that your child takes a couple of sessions to get used to them, but they always end up comprehending the lessons.


Online Experience

Which platform do you use 你们使用的是什么平台?

We run our sessions using Zoom.


How can I prepare for the Live Sessions 如何为上直播课作好准备?

We have prepared a Parents Induction Pack for you. Please take some time to read it carefully. It includes information about how to use the software, some examples of learning materials, T&C and suggestions for online learning.

Joining our Demo can give you an idea of what to expect without engaging directly in our class. Having a better understanding of our teaching process will make the transition easier for you and your child.


加入我们的Demo课程示范可以让您在无需直接参与我们课堂情况下,有更深入的了解和考虑我们的课程是否符合您的期望。更好地了解我们的教学过程, 能让您和您的孩子更容易接受相应的改变。

Should I be concerned about screen time 我应该担心屏幕时间吗?

Children these days are growing up in a digital age where swiping on a smartphone or firing up a computer is second nature, plus our preschool activities online only last 30 minutes.

With the development of modern technology, it has been possible to avoid the harm of electronic products to children. However, if you’re still concerned you can try adjusting the brightness and colour of the screen to yellow can prevent blue light from harming the eyes.

Finally, we advise you to avoid allowing your child to watch videos and other activities related to electronic products before and after class. You can also try using a bigger screen such as a projector or TV screen to give your child a better view and experience!




What about safeguarding 安全保护?

We take online safety very seriously. You can read more about what we do to keep our children safe in our Online Safety Policy.



How much do you charge 如何收费?

We offer different pricing options, all of them at an affordable fraction of our regular preschool costs. Find the most convenient for you here.


Can I try before I buy 可以在购买前先体验吗?

Yes! Go to our Demo session and register to have free access to our platform for a week.

In our Demo, you will be able to see how our sessions are with children who attend regularly to our online lessons, so you can understand the structure of a class and how we engage with children.

可以的! 请访问我们的Demo 课程演示并注册以免费使用我们的平台一周。


What happens if I miss one live session 如果错过了一节直播课怎么办?

If your child is subscribed as Water or Fire Dragon, and they missed a live session, you can get in touch with us and we will send the recorded session so your child can review it.

如果您为孩子订的是“水龙”或“火龙” 课程,并且错过了实时的直播课程,那就可以与我们联系,我们将发送当时录制的直播课程,以便您在方便的时间给孩子进行播放回顾。