Our Approach to Online Learning for Kids

At Hatching Dragons, we approach online learning for kids through play. We believe that by talking with the children, and not at them, and asking them to move around and tap into that playful nature, they will get more from the lessons that they participate in.

As in our nurseries in London, Online Preschool follows an Annual Plan of Activities, in which each month we focus on different themes, values and festivals. We use these as a medium to deliver the lessons to help expand the children’s understanding of the world.

You will see mentions of our festivals and values in the stories and learning assets we choose every month, which help children understand different cultures, faiths, and the world in general.

How do we plan our lessons?

After a bit of tweaking, we came up with a lesson structure that works for online learning for kids that keeps them engaged.

We focus each of our 30-minute sessions on 5 keywords relevant to the story or topic we’re learning. After that, this is what we do:

  1. Sing our own “Hello Song” to introduce any new children and welcome everyone to the session.
  2. Explain which keywords will be learnt during the session and their meaning, so children start getting familiar with them.
  3. Tell a story or sing a song related to our topic and keywords, in order to keep your little one engaged.
  4. Set them challenges on-screen and in their homes, so they stay active and have fun while learning.
  5. Share our suggested activities to extend children’s learning at home. Any materials that we have created to do these activities will be available on our platform.

Meet our expert teachers

  • Li Jing

    Mandarin Teacher

    Qualified PGCE teacher from UCL, MA in Music and over 12 years of music and Early Years teaching experience. Li Jing is responsible for our Mandarin educational services, bilingual teacher training and the Online Preschool programme.
  • Sophie Marchant

    English Teacher

    Qualified PGCE teacher from UCL with over 11 years of Early Years teaching experience. Sophie is responsible for developing curriculum, teaching materials and lesson plans. She also leads the preschool room in our Westminster campus.