Foundation Maths 1


Online maths for kids: help your child to learn the foundation of numbers, shapes, positional language and more, using songs and games!



Our online maths for kids combines stories, music and various forms of challenge games, in a more creative way to allow children to learn via play, and eventually to achieve the EYFS early learning goal. Learn more about our approach.

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One-time payment: £25

Amazing online maths for kids!


30-minute Sessions

Although children these days are growing up in a digital age where swiping on a smartphone or firing up a computer is second nature, our sessions only last 30 minutes to avoid an excess of screentime.


English & Mandarin

We will mainly use English to deliver the lesson, but we also include Chinese to support their learning, so children will learn (or improve) some of these languages while fostering their academic skills.


Expert Teachers

We have an English speaking teacher and a Mandarin-speaking teacher with your child for every session. Both gained their PGCEs from the prestigious Institute of Education with over 10 years of experience teaching!

Playback Sessions

Watch our videos as many times as you want

Easy to Use

Keep track of your child's progress in a simple way

Lots of Fun!

We believe the best way to learn is through play!